Business Intelligence

Analysts in Action: The Rise of the Intelligent Analyst

Far from being “crushed” by IT, intelligent analysts seem to be emerging stronger than ever in business.

Analysis: A Closer Look at HP's Acquisition of Vertica

HP seems ready to make yet another run at BI superstardom.

Q&A: Why Data Virtualization is More Relevant than Ever

Composite Software executive VP Robert Eve discusses the evolution of data virtualization and exactly how the technology can be used to address today's data management challenges.

Five Steps to More Effective Government 2.0 Initiatives

By investing in a strategy of goal-setting, measurement, and adjustment, government agencies can turn social media from a random, trendy exercise into an accurate, effective initiative that can support their larger organizational strategies and goals.

InetSoft Gets Agile BI Right

InetSoft positions its new Style Intelligence 11.0 release as a BI offering for the most agile of agile BI practitioners.

Q&A: Solid Value Proposition a Key to MDM Success

MDM, data quality programs need value proposition to succeed

How the Federal Government Can Get Ahead of the Impending Data Revolution

The federal government -- and its BI community -- needs to go real-time. The time to prepare is now.

Gartner and "Good Enough" Data Integration

Data Integration leaders are under pressure from "good enough" competitors. This gives non-dominant players a golden opportunity to contest the status quo.

How Cloudera Became a Leader in BI/Hadoop

With a flurry of recent BI-oriented partnerships, it's no surprise Cloudera is attracting so much interest.

MDM Trends: The Good, The Bad, and The Inevitable

To provide your organization with the foundational components necessary to build competitive advantage and to be market responsive, take a look at the good, bad, and inevitable aspects of master data management.

Q&A: 2011 Promises More Struggles with Big Data

BI pros will face more big data challenges this year.

Evaluating the Impact of Data Visualization

Why data visualization is increasingly perceived by stakeholders at all levels of the enterprise as a high-value investment.

Data Virtualization and NoSQL Data Stores

Big Data is increasing the popularity of NoSQL where SQL is not the primary processing language. The challenge: integrating disparate NoSQL systems.

The BI Revolution: The Rise of the BI Builder

How BI builders will help make BI more pervasive, delivering that “last mile” of capability where no one else can.

Q&A: Combining Search with BI Yields Powerful Results

Endeca chief strategist Paul Sonderreger talks about combining search and BI to help people find what they need and understand what they’ve found.

Creating a Business-Relevant Data Strategy

Three keys to building your data strategy.

Q&A: Keys to Data Governance Success

The surge in interest in data governance points to increased need to manage data better. Why do enterprises still struggle when implementing a governance program, and what can they do to fix the problem?

Installing and Maintaining PowerPivot for SharePoint

From farm options and security to data sources and maintenance, the options you choose are critical to using PowerPivot in your organization.

Q&A: Don't Present Results, Tell Stories

All those fancy tools for charting and graphing won't help you unless you know your audience and tell stories about a few key results.

The Complete BI Professional

A well-rounded BI pro combines depth of knowledge of a specialty with a broad knowledge of the field -- but knowing those disciplines is less important than understanding their relationships.