Big Blue’s SOA Blitz

Are the ESB visions touted by IBM, BEA, and others a new spin on an old idea: vendor lock-in?

A Mainframe First: J2EE Performance Testing for Big Iron Web Apps

Big Blue’s Rational Performance Tester for z/OS isn’t a technology in search of a market—it’s a reflection of market demand, IBM officials say

Study Finds Quality Improvement Projects Have Lower Failure Rate

Sometimes the smartest thing an organization can do is pull the plug on an ailing project—regardless of how much time and money it’s invested in it

Sticking It Out on MVS

In spite of IBM’s best efforts, a lot of customers continue to run mission-critical applications on older MVS mainframes

CA Brings Sub-Capacity Pricing to Low-MIPS, Emulated Mainframes

Mainframe emulation systems are often used in production settings, too—depending on the needs of customers

Eclipse: One IDE to Rule Them All

Some enthusiasts tout Eclipse as an Rx for programming anarchy

Reader Feedback: Management's Web-Services Push Meets IT Resistance

Many IT pros remain skeptical about service-enablement, but—as a growing number are finding out—they don’t have a choice in the matter

SOA: A Reality Check from IT Pros

Up to now, service enablement has largely been the baby of C-level executives and line-of-business managers. Many IT professionals see the promise of the technology, but warn that the reality is several years away.

Business Rules a Tough Sell to Veteran IT Pros

Some suggest that BRM is just a crazy notion in a technology utopia

IT Under Siege from Business Rules Management

BRM proponents want to do away with tasks many IT pros take for granted

India Shines in CA’s $1 Million Programming Challenge

CA put up $1 million in prizes to encourage developers to program for its open-source Ingres R/3 database

Rx for Software Quality Woes: Testing, Testing, and More Testing

Companies that implement a centralized software-testing program report higher quality levels than companies that don’t

Trends: End-User Application Development using Business Rules

The business rules approach is gaining ground—and has proven successful in the most unlikely of environments: long-time mainframe shops.

Offshore Outsourcing: Success and Savings Still Elusive

Despite unimpressive results, offshore outsourcing market is growing rapidly. Even so, plenty of offshore adopters could bring it all back home again

Careers: Combating Business-Process Change Overload

Compromise may be possible—even within the most control-oriented of corporate cultures

CICS: The Old Workhorse Keeps on Kicking

Big Blue’s durable workhorse still has plenty of kick left in it. And customers, for that matter, are increasingly willing to deploy it in support of new workloads

Lotusphere 2005: Notes, Domino, and Workplace Take Center Stage

Long-time Notes and Domino customers regard Workplace with suspicion—and IBM is still having trouble positioning the relationship between the two platforms

Sun Outlines Open-Source Plans

A new software license gives OpenSolaris a good foundation—even if Sun hasn’t worked out all the legalities of porting CDDL code to Linux

Compuware Tool Tackles J2EE Application Performance, Availability Issues

Compuware’s Vantage Analyzer lets customers identify and isolate J2EE performance problems—including troublesome memory leaks

Microsoft: Big Things in Store in 2005

An updated SQL Server ("Yukon") and Visual Studio, plus a new edition of Windows Server 2003 are among the highlights from the software giant