Report: Worldwide Server Market Earnings Finally on Upswing

Server market earnings grow on the back of strong sales in the bladed market sector.

Data Centers Poised for Rapid Expansion, Environment Issues

If you think your data center power and cooling issues are bad now, just wait.

Distinctive Sybase Offerings Face an Uncertain Future

Thanks to SAP's acquisition of Sybase, the last of the best-of-breed data replication tools -- Sybase Replication Server -- faces an uncertain future.

Q&A: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

We examine the connection between business continuity and disaster recovery, explore what business impact analysis is and who's involved, and the tools available for this analysis.

Q&A: Working with Multiple Job Schedulers

Dealing with multiple job schedulers can be a challenge. We explore the problems, how IT goes about solving them (and how to avoid the typical mistakes), and the solutions available.

Scale-out Infrastructures without Scale-Shattering Costs

Enterprise IT organizations are no longer forced to choose expensive, proprietary storage solutions to run their most important applications.

Can HP's Converged Infrastructure Be All Things to All Enterprises?

With its new Converged Infrastructure pitch, HP wants to be all things to all enterprises. How is it different from Adaptive Enterprise, HP's previous program?

Microsoft Throws in the Towel on IA-64

Microsoft's decision to drop support for Intel's Itanium chip was anticlimactic. Nevertheless, it's the kind of non-event Itanium fans couldn't have envisioned a decade ago.

Privileged Access in the Virtualized Data Center: How to Reduce Security Risks and Ensure Business Resiliency

No single solution can prevent all security risks in a virtualized data center, but automation can help.

Q&A: Infrastructure-as-a-Service

What is infrastructure-as-a-service and how can you maximize its benefits?

IT Bets Big on Blade Servers

IT chiefs are increasingly deploying blades in strategic roles. In addition, blades -- more than any other server kit -- have emerged as hotbeds of virtualization.

The Return of Appliance-Based Computing

Cost containment efforts have forced many enterprises to look at the true cost of their system. Ironically, oftentimes the preferred alternative is one first touted almost two decades ago.

Q&A: What You Need to Know About Green IT

What's hype and what's fact, how you can judge green savings, and how industries and government are getting involved in green IT.

Q&A: Server Virtualization for Aggregation

Server virtualization is not new to IT, but what if you could use the technology to combine several servers into one virtual server?

Intel's Nehalem-EX to Inaugurate a New Era in x86 Scalability

With new processor, x86 systems are poised to make a serious run at RISC-Unix

Big Blue Makes Its Bid for Next-Gen Nehalem Bragging Rights

IBM beat competitors HP and Dell out of the gate, trumpeting a trio of new Nehalem-EX systems running on the fifth generation of its eXA architecture.

Commodity Iron on Top

Though mainframe sales may be down, commodity server sales are strong.

The Employee Factor of Continuity Planning: Four Reasons It Matters to IT Executives

Four reasons IT executives charged with business continuity planning, risk management, and disaster recovery must consider their employees and operations heavily in their plans.

POWER7 Makes a Splash

The recent POWER7 launch hints at what Big Iron aficionados can expect from System z11, particularly about performance and energy efficiency.

With Sun Deal Behind It, Oracle Goes Retro

Oracle's post-Sun announcements harkened back to the heyday of single-stack computing: the IBM Corp. of the 1960s.