Linux/Open Source

Red Hat Pledges Support for x86-64

Optmizing for Opteron

IDC: Linux Revenues Declined in 2001

But It's Big in China

UnitedLinux Teams Up

Unified Codebase

IBM Previews Blade Servers

Full-Flavor Xeons

Micro Focus Announces COBOL for Mainframe Linux

Classic computer language and hot new platform

Sun Sheds Light on New Strategies

Storage Market and Linux get a boost

IBM, Red Hat Mean Business with New Open-Source IDE on Eclipse

Joint venture releases beta integrated develpment environment

Linux's Long-term Appeal

Hard to believe, but it's 10 years already since 21-year-old Linus Torvalds made public version 0.02 of the Linux kernel to a few eager usenet groupies. Today, there are an estimated 10 million users worldwide. IDC estimates that by 2004, Linux will be an accepted part of most markets' enterprise computing environments.

Linux Appeal Grows Despite Obstacles

On its tenth anniversay, Linux continues to push into the enterprise

IBM Introduces Linux-Only Mainframe

Runs Linux partitions only

Wyse Rolls Out Linux Thin Client

A response to recent IBM-Neoware alliance

Gartner Gets Grim

Catastrophic attacks and natural disasters

NOAA Calls for Clear Skies

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration sought to accelerate sluggish supercomputer performance. Using Linux, the weather research speeds are now scorching.