Of Knee-Nippers and Ankle-Biters

It should come as no surprise that new companies have begun to carve out a part of the storage market for themselves.

Java and .NET Camps Split Over SOA

.NET use declining, new survey reports

The Changing Face of Disaster Recovery

SHARE recently announced a list of five disaster recovery and business continuity recommendations that it says all mainframe shops would do well to follow.

Industry Heavyweights Partner to Promote Secure Computing Infrastructure

Can the combined will of Microsoft, Cisco, and EMC overcome the ingrained inertia of government bureaucracy?

The Fall and Rise of Network Access Control

There’s lots of buzz about NAC, but what is it exactly, and why does IT already need a new approach to the technology?

CA Unveils Host-Based Intrusion Prevention System

As cyberfelons continue to attack simple host-based firewalls, antirust, and antispam measures, IT needs to be increasingly attentive to its endpoint defenses.

Analysis: Intel, Sun Tie the Knot

After years of animosity, Intel and Sun have patched things up. Why? What’s the catch?

Why It’s Time for Network Access Control

Security and compliance policies are only successful if they are enforced. That’s where network access control comes in.

NAC, Vista, and Your Security Strategy

We sort out the options with the most buzz for 2007—NAC, Vista, and NAP—for enforcing security with devices requesting network resources.

Enterprise IT: Five Predictions for 2007

The year was something of a mixed bag, milestone-wise. We offer five trends to watch in 2007.

WDS FERRETs Out SNA-to-IP Bottlenecks

Mainframe operators need unobstructed visibility into the performance of their IP networks, too.

Sun’s Virtualization Push

Project Blackbox might be a gimmick, but Sun’s virtualization moves are for real

Seagull’s BlueZone: Terminal Emulation with an SOA-Friendly Tip

Customers can service-enable terminal-based applications and effectively transform them into full-fledged SOA assets

Analysis: Behind Big Blue’s $1.6 Billion Acquisition of ISS

What does ISS give IBM—and is it worth the $1.6 billion Big Blue paid for it? That depends, analysts say.

HP Bets Big on Software with Mercury Interactive Purchase

By putting $4.5 billion of its money where its mouth is, has HP finally put the lie to the canard that it isn’t serious about software?

Business Process Success: Advice from an Expert

Organizations do successfully manage people and process changes en route to large scale enterprise transformations. Here’s how.