Small Businesses Must Now Pay for New Google Apps Accounts

Change in terms applies to new users; existing SMBs grandfathered.

Amazon Restores EC2

Attributes outages to latency, connectivity issues

Is Friendlier Software Licensing and Pricing Ahead?

Forrester Research report details pricing, licensing trends for 2011.

Microsoft Announces Plans for Licensing Changes

Company announces Client Access License changes at its management summit.

Microsoft Describes Strategies for Optimized Desktop Virtualization

Dynamic delivery to provide solutions that enable workers to work "anywhere at any time."

IDC Reports Sharp Growth in Worldwide Server Market

System z marks impressive growth; x86 platform shines

Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 Due This Week

Release of new Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 to TechNet and MSDN subscribers expected this week.

Developers Use Open Source but are Concerned about Tool Deployments

A survey of software developers reveals widespread use of open source solutions, but lack of effective policies and integration have many worried.

White House E-Mail Cyber Attack Allegedly Originated from China

Officials in the UK now suggest that a cyberattack from purported White House e-mail accounts actually originated from China, and the perpetrator used a hoax e-mail address that resembled a White House account.

Desktop Virtualization Tips for Testing IE

Microsoft outlined desktop virtualization tips that IT pros and developers can use to test the compatibility of their Web sites on a single PC.