Security: Vulnerabilities

Security: In Praise of Common Sense

A new report from McAfee underscores that if users are successfully initiating celebrity-themed Web searches, IT hasn’t done its job.

Q&A: Staying Ahead of Network Security Issues

Where should IT focus its attention in protecting network assets, what investments offer the best return, and how can IT to avoid common mistakes when developing its security strategy?

People and Processes Key to Faster SIEM ROI, Secure Business

These five best practices will help deliver success more rapidly and ensure increasing return on investment.

New Attacks Use Old Tricks

Attackers are unearthing old exploits -- in the case of the infamous CodeRed worm, extremely old exploits -- to wreak havoc on businesses and consumers.

July DDoS Damage Could Have Been Contained

Far from being exemplary of the state-of-the-art in cyber warfare, July’s DDoS attacks were exemplary of something else: the state-of-the-mundane.

Data Protection Guidelines for the Obama Administration

Although considerable sweat and tears have gone into data protection standards, it's time to spur discussion about how our data protection thinking and schemes might benefit from new ideas and technologies.

When SSL Just Isn't Enough

Recent FTP thefts affecting even SSL-encrypted logins are the work of a new Trojan called Zeus; 90,000 logins may have been compromised.

Developer Access: The Threat Within

Creating a holistic, enterprise-wide security approach is a daunting task. These tips can make it easier.

Fortify, HP Tout Integrated Approach to Application Vulnerability Testing

Experts say a recent accord between Fortify and HP augurs the advent of a new approach to vulnerability detection.

Q&A: Internet Threats and Web Filters in the Cloud

Threats delivered through the Web are increasing in number and severity. A Web filtering solution can reduce an enterprise’s vulnerability.

Enterprises Throw Out Wi-Fi Welcome Mat to Attackers, Study Finds

A recent report by AirTight Networks finds financial services firms are all but throwing out a welcome mat to wireless attacker

New Threats Unite Security and Systems Management Professionals

To effectively address new security challenges, IT organizations need to tighten coordination and integration between security.

Secure File Transfers: P2P Alternatives

P2P file sharing is on the rise, and so are its risks. We show you five tips that can help you select a secure enterprise file-transfer solution.

Data Security Trends: Staying Ahead of the Bad Guys

What you can do now to stay a step ahead of the changing vulnerability landscape.

Phishing Attacks Surge

Phishing activity increased by almost 40 percent in a 12 month period.

Why Web Attacks Are Rising

A new report shines light on Web-based attacks, concluding that -- in terms of both volume and variety -- they pose a significant, and significantly expanding, threat.

Spammers Exploiting the Recession

Spammers are tweaking their messaging to better exploit recession-related fear, uncertainty, and doubt

Q&A: Security Breaches and Enterprise Culture

How an enterprise’s culture affects its IT security

ID Thefts, Damage on the Rise

ID fraud spiked last year by almost a quarter, yet the total amount bilked by ID thieves rose only slightly.

Minding the Gap: Security Vendors Look to Plug Holes in Suite Offerings

Security vendors are stepping up their efforts to close the gap between security and operations