Top 10 IAM Challenges for Heterogeneous Enterprises -- Part 2 of 2

We examine the remaining five challenges and how Active Directory provides a solution.

Top 10 IAM Challenges for Heterogeneous Enterprises -- Part 1 of 2

As more users need multiple identities to access the applications they need regularly, IT has its hands full maintaining security.

Symantec Report Shows Cyber-Crime is Booming Business

Cyber-attacking is no longer just a mischievous, if destructive, pastime: it's a business. A Symantec report confirms that business is booming.

Network Device Vulnerabilities High, Study Shows

More than a third of network devices examined showed signs of security vulnerabilities

Web Security Threats on the Rise, Report Finds

Hackers have become increasingly organized and they have more targets

Windows Kernel Patch Sidesteps Rootkit Infections

April patch includes a mechanism that avoids installing a Windows kernel fix in the presence of troublesome malware

Privileged Access in the Virtualized Data Center: How to Reduce Security Risks and Ensure Business Resiliency

No single solution can prevent all security risks in a virtualized data center, but automation can help.

Virus Activity Drop: Calm Before a Stormy Summer?

What accounts for the near-disappearance of virus activity last month? One explanation: even spammers need to invest time in research and development.

Removing the Risks of SSL -- Part 2 of 2

To address the security risks of SSL, we look at how transparent SSL proxies work and how they are used in enterprises today.

Removing the Risks of SSL -- Part 1 of 2

Despite its name, Secure Sockets Layer isn't totally secure. We explain the risks that arise from increased use of SSL within enterprise networks.

Securing a Virtualized E-mail System

The optimal solution for most companies looking to lower the operating expenses associated with an e-mail environment through virtualization is to deploy a hybrid approach.

IT Losing the War Against Spam

Spam now accounts for close to 90 percent of all e-mail traffic.

The Security Risks of Enterprise Search

We expose five security risks introduced by enterprise search and explain how you can protect your enterprise from these vulnerabilities.

Art of Defence Extends Distributed Web Application Firewall to the Cloud

Hyperguard SaaS Standard offers Web application security monitoring, detection-only, and protection modes.

E-mail Attachments: Misperceptions That Can Compromise Security

Organizations may be under several misunderstandings about the safety of their e-mail attachments. We explore the risks and corrective action IT can take to reduce the vulnerabilities.

RSA Keynote: Cloud's Future Depends on Security

People must be able to trust the cloud, RSA president says.

PDF Payloads Increasingly Pack Malicious Punch

PDF has now supplanted another Adobe technology -- Flash -- as the exploit platform of choice for malicious hackers.

Study Spotlights Privacy, Data Security Vulnerabilities at Financial Services Firms

Consumer data in vulnerable during development, testing.

RSA: Report Reveals 7 Cloud Computing "Sins"

Security too often is taken on trust, report says.

MessageLabs Reports (Slightly) Good News for Security Administrators

Is IT winning the battle against spam, or was a recent drop in malware and phishing volumes just a statistical blip in an otherwise upward trend?