Virtualization for High-End Computing Environments

Why aggregation is ideal for high-performance computing

Podcast: Cross-Platform Virtualization

There’s more to virtualization that creating multiple servers on a single server.

Get Ready to Web 2.0-ify Your Mainframe

You don't typically think of Big Iron as a locus of Web 2.0 activity -- but IBM is trying to recast it as such

BMC Announces "Significant" Overhaul of Job Scheduler

In the new version of CONTROL-M, BMC is trumpeting a job rollback and auditing feature, along with virtualization-friendly amenities

Server Sales Immune to Economic Sluggishness

Sales of its System z mainframes helped propel IBM to the top of the server market. Unix server sales were also up.

Virtual Systems of Tomorrow Could Take Cues from Today's Mainframes

The Big, Fast virtual systems of tomorrow might look a lot like today's Biggest, Fastest, and most eminently Virtual system: IBM's System z mainframe.

SHARE Conference to Delve Deeper into SOA, Virtualization

With focuses on SOA, virtualization, next-generation data centers, and cloud computing, Summer SHARE will likely have plenty to interest attendees.

Green IT Goals, Actions Far Apart

Almost all IT shops say that boosting energy efficiency is a clear priority, but comparatively few are actually spending money to do it

Taking Stock: Microsoft's Virtual Powerplay

Just how favorably does Microsoft's Hyper-V compare to established products from VMWare, Virtual Iron, and Citrix?

Big Blue Gobbles up Plug-Compatible Mainframe Competitor

Expect PSI's technology to pop up elsewhere -- perhaps in a low-end POWER-based mainframe

HP Announces a Data-Center-in-a-Box Offering of Its Own

HP's POD is innovative and visionary, analysts say. In a world chock full of both innovation and vision, that's saying something.

Virtualization: Five Key Decisions You Must Make

You can increase your chances of success by answering these five questions early in your virtualization project.

File Virtualization Benefits and Best Practices

There’s more to virtualization than just getting the most from your server hardware.

Securing a Virtualized Environment

Risks, rewards, and best practices

Podcast: Appliance Virtualization

Can virtualization and appliance technology mix?

Backup and Recovery for Virtualized Environments

How to overcome challenges in protecting your virtualized environment

Virtual Servers and Storage: Truth or Dare

How many shops are really using server virtualization?

Virtualizing Disaster Recovery

Virtualization can be a boon to business continuity and disaster recovery planning -- provided you understand the risks

Hyper-V Continues on the Fast Track

Microsoft is pushing up delivery deadlines

VMware Supports BEA's Effort To Virtualize Java Apps

Project will allow BEA's Java applications to work within virtual environments created with VMware's tools