Business Intelligence

Cloudian Offers HyperStore Software To Make Big Data Smarter

Cloudian Inc. released new HyperStore 5.1 hybrid cloud software that supports the Amazon S3 cloud and integrates with Apache Hadoop for Big Data analytics.

Microsoft Updates Big Data Enterprise Offerings

Microsoft is making numerous updates across its widespread data platform to put more Big Data analytics capabilities into the hands of its enterprise customers.

Intel Launches Platform for Internet of Things Analytics

The new Intel Internet of Things (IoT) Platform introduced by the world's largest processor manufacturer seeks to provide "an end-to-end reference model and family of products" that combines with third-party solutions to help securely and easily connect devices to deliver trusted data to the cloud for analytics initiatives.

Study Shows Self-Service BI Not Living Up to Expectations

Self-service business intelligence (BI) isn't fulfilling its promise, according to a recent study by Logi Analytics.

Hadoop and Big Data: The Year Past, The Year Ahead

Technology advances widened Hadoop’s enterprise suitability. In 2013, Hadoop will firmly establish its dominance in big data analytics.

IBM Goes Big on Big Data at IOD

Not surprisingly, big-data-a-la-Big-Blue has a distinctly dollars-and-cents flavor to it.

Top 3 Trends in IT and Big Data: A Look Back, The Year Ahead

Cloud computing, mobile applications, and big data coalesced in 2012 and will shape IT in 2013 and beyond.

Q&A: The Biggest Big Data Trends BI Professionals Need to Understand

Big data is changing the competitive dynamics of the BI industry. We explore how everything from sensor data to social media to mobile BI is changing the very nature of big data.

Q&A: Emerging Analytics: Integrating Big Data, Content Analytics, Search, and Collaboration into Your Analytical Environment

What’s driving big data analytics, and how can integrating search help BI professionals better work with the data?

Cirro Touts Big Data-Ready Analytic Platform

Don't know how to get started with your big data project? BI start-up Cirro claims to have just what you're looking for.

Q&A: Successful Strategic Planning in the World of Big Data

Lack of a business intelligence strategy can hamstring your business and prevent BI from delivering on its promise -- and even more so when you're working with big data.

How Data Virtualization Delivers Access to Real-Time Data

With so much data in so many places, how can you quickly connect to the sources you need? Data virtualization may be the answer.

Are BI Vendors Practicing What They Preach?

Why are vendors doing things that their own products and technology were designed to prevent or correct?

Tech Talk: Big Data Meets Big Density

Forget Big Data: can today's -- or tomorrow's -- DW workloads take advantage of Big Density?

BI Heads to the Cloud

Enterprise apps are shifting to the cloud, officials say. So, too, is JasperSoft.

Trend Lines: Kognitio Recalibrates

Kognitio spent the last half-decade trying to break into the U.S. market. Now, officials claim, the market is coming to Kognitio.

Data Quality: Customers Satisfied with Products but Most Willing to Switch

Customers seem pleased with their data quality tools -- until they're asked to put their money where their mouth is.

QlikTech Shares Future Product Plans

Cindi Howson examines what's ahead for this fast-growing vendor.

5 Tips for Cleaning Your Dirty Data

With spring upon us, it's time to dive into "spring cleaning" your data by following these top 5 tips for leveraging the value of your dirty data.

In Praise of Data Replication

If consolidation activity and new product pushes are any indication, data replication is finally getting the respect it deserves.