DataFocus' Nutcracker X/SDK is also designed to be a complete tool to port UNIX applications. Nutcracker has some interesting features. It includes the MKS Toolkit's Korn shell and graphical utilities. It includes SCO's Xvision X Windows display server, but can be configured to work with other servers such as Digital Equipment's eXcursion, WRQ's Reflection/X and Hummingbird's Exceed. Support libraries for both Wintif and Motif are included. There is an SDK version that does not include support for X Windows applications.

Installation of Nutcracker X/SDK, including sample code, requires 91MB and a reboot of your system. A Resource Kit containing another 12MB of sample code was installed. Installation requires the Microsoft C++ compiler. The program interface with Microsoft C works well and transparently. Debugging is done with the Microsoft debugger, either in the integrated development environment or from the command line.

Nutcracker X/SDK contains an Application Packaging Wizard to help distribute the applications you create. The Wizard packages the DLLs required for your application to work correctly on another Windows system. The components are called plug-ins in the Wizard. For instance, you can select to include X Windows and Motif components to include in the distribution. An X display server can be licensed from DataFocus to include with your distribution, but no server is provided by default. Careful programming is necessary to insure that the application is flexible enough to function with many display servers.

Nutcracker runs under Windows NT 4.0. The program can generate code for use on Windows 95/98. A special section in the porting guide describes how to prepare your applications for 95/98.

Nutcracker version 4.0 X/SDK: $3,495; Client Plug-in: $98; Server Plug-in: $695; Plug-in option X display agent: $72; UNIX shell and utilities: $100.

Editor's note: Nutcracker 4.1, not available for this review, is now shipping. It includes support for Microsoft's Terminal Server and Services for UNIX, a telnet server, support for Visual C++ 6.0 and support for additional X Servers.

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