New Products

B.O.S.’s PrintBoss

Better On-line Solutions’ updated version of its PrintBoss forms design and management software, Version 2.30, now enables text distribution via Short Message Service (SMS) to SMS-enabled cellular phones; has improved server robustness; and supports heavy-duty production printers. PrintBoss is Windows-compatible design and management software for printing, faxing, e-mailing, archiving and messaging. It allows customers to eliminate preprinted forms, increase the aesthetic quality of their documents and deliver those documents to a variety of destinations with lower costs and higher reliability. For more information, visit

PowerTerm WebConnect on UNIX, Linux Workstations

Ericom Software Inc.’s PowerTerm WebConnect 3.1 offers all of the features of version 3.0, but now supports Netscape 6.0 running on UNIX and Linux workstations. It has a Java-based host access solution that works encrypted on UNIX and Linux workstations. Within the Thin Client Java environment, WebConnect 3.1 includes Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security and a powerful System Manager tool. With PowerTerm WebConnect, corporations can allow partners, employees and branch offices to run mission-critical applications via the Web and from any Java-enabled UNIX and Linux workstation with full security. WebConnect 3.1 uses SSL encryption algorithms from the industry standard – RSA Security Inc. For more information, visit

CoVia’s Vortal

CoVia’s Vortal is the newest addition to CoVia’s suite of next-generation enterprise portal solutions. Vortal is built on an open, extensible platform that allows easy integration of existing applications and content directly into the Vortal interface. Vortal’s search capabilities enable attribute and text searches and allow users to get search results and highlights of search terms inside HTML and PDF content on the site. For more information, visit

InfraCare from Amdahl

Amdahl will offer InfraCare services in partnership with the Fujitsu Group, in North America and Europe. InfraCare services offer a single point of contact and the capability to deliver consulting and management services that span enterprise IT infrastructure deployment, operational environment support, project lifecycle management and e-business and legacy system support. Amdahl offers customers of InfraCare services ISO 9001 certification, multi-environment integration of all major IT technologies and operating systems (including NT, UNIX, System/390 and Linux). For more information, visit

California Software’s BABY/GUI Version 4.0

California Software Corporation’s BABY/GUI Version 4.0 reduces implementation time, achieves greater functionality and preserves end users’ investment in their legacy applications. The new functionality of BABY/GUI Version 4.0 allows the developer to modify multiple AS/400 record formats via single-window editing in a WYSIWYG approach. Multiple levels of customizations can be achieved at the Global, Library and Member level without the need for scripting, programming or recompiling. Additionally, customization files can be copied to a network drive for deployment. For more information, visit

Apache Enterprise Products for Windows

Covalent Technologies has released the Covalent SSL and Covalent Fast Start Server for the Windows platform. The Covalent Fast Start Server uses a graphical installation program to install SSL, PHP, DAV, Perl, Apache JServ and Jakarta Tomcat, making installation of these various components easier and more cost-effective. Covalent SSL provides industrial-grade 128-bit encryption for the Apache Web server. The products are available on both Windows 2000 and Windows NT. To download a full version or a trial version of the product, visit

Memory Upgrades for HP-9000

Memory upgrades are now available for the HP-9000 A-Class Server, Series A400 and A500 from Camintonn Corporation. The new line of memory provides capacities ranging from 512 MB up to a maximum of two GB. The A-Class uses SyncDRAM technology, which can be ordered in two-DIMM pairs (512 MB, one GB and two GB). The A400 supports options up to one GB and has eight memory slots to support a total of two GB of memory. The A500 supports up to eight GB. For more information, visit their Web site at

WebFOCUS i-vision

Information Builders’ WebFOCUS i-vision for Sales and Distribution Analysis is a content-based analytical application for SAP Sales and Distribution systems. WebFOCUS i-vision for Sales and Distribution Analysis combines sales operations-specific business content, key performance indicators (KPIs), a full suite of predeveloped reports – including reports for sales, sales support, shipping, transportation, billing and foreign trade – and sophisticated reporting capabilities to empower users to accurately monitor and analyze their sales processes.

WebFOCUS i-vision for Sales and Distribution Analysis is part of the Information Builders family of complementary solutions for SAP. WebFOCUS i-vision analytic applications are also available for SAP Financial and Human Resource systems. For more information, visit Information Builder’s Web site at

Raidtec SNAZ R6 Filer

Raidtec Corporation’s SNAZ R6 is a two-unit mount filer that enables organizations to add high-performance NAS direct attached SCSI-based and upgrade to a Fibre Channel SAN when ready. SNAZ R6 is based on the Raidtec nEngine FlashLinux platform. It features Web browser installation and administration; simultaneous access for Windows CIFS and UNIX clients; six hot swap drive bays; LVD SCSI interface; full RAID fault tolerant support; dual 10/100 Ethernet channels; and integrated tape backup software. For more information, visit

PC Security for Windows

Tropical Software’s PC Security 4.3 is a Windows application that manages system and component access. PC Security 4.3 includes: File Lock, which makes files read-only or totally unavailable; Folder Lock, an access control for folders and drives; Internet Lock, which provides various tools for controlling access to the Web; System Lock, which disables the keyboard and mouse until the proper password is entered; the Restricted System Lock, which defines a group of programs that can be run by each user; Shortcut/Program Lock, which makes itself the exclusive user of one or more programs; and Window Lock, an access control for specific windows within programs. PC Security 4.3 runs under Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000. Program capabilities vary by operating system. For more information, visit

HostBridge Invokes CICS

HostBridge is the first solution for securely invoking existing CICS transactions via an HTTP request and delivering their output as an XML document, rather than as a 3270 screen. HostBridge facilitates the integration of CICS transactions into e-business applications by providing a platform-neutral, XML pathway from CICS transactions to middle-tier application servers. HostBridge is compatible with any middle-tier application server that can send an HTTP request and receive an XML document, including IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic and SilverStream Application Server. HostBridge also compliments the broad range of middleware technologies based on XML. For more information, visit