InterBiz Solution Promises More Efficient Warehouse Operations

InterBiz, the e-business unit of software development firm Computer Associates, says it has made improvements to its Warehouse BOSS solution for the AS/400 platform that will allow warehouse managers to achieve shipment rates above 99 percent.

The 6.1 version of InterBiz’s flagship warehouse management system includes enhanced support for parcel picking and parcel packing. And it offers more flexibility than previous versions of the product for mixed-mode operations in both paper and wireless formats.

Warehouse BOSS, which runs on Windows NT as well as AS/400, is designed to work with interBiz’s ERP solution, PRMS. However, it has also been deployed along with competitive ERP offerings to provide rules-based warehouse operations management.

InterBiz is positioning the new release as more able than previous versions to cope with the demands of large warehouse operations. "Warehouse BOSS supports both traditional pallet-and-case operations as well as the parcel packing operations necessary for the high volume world of eFulfillment," said Rod Gifford, product manager for logistics, interBiz in a statement.

With the addition of a parcel content audit function, the solution give warehouse managers the ability to audit packed parcels prior to shipping. The ability to make sure parcels are correct before shipping ensures the efficiency of the process. Furthermore, the 6.1 version of Warehouse BOSS give warehouse managers the ability to mix directed RF and pick-to-label operations give warehouse managers more flexibility in how they deploy their workforce.

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