OnDemand Releases Demand Center

OnDemand’s Demand Center is the latest addition to the company’s Partner Accelerator PRM (partner relationship management) suite. The service provides a complete demand management (DM) solution that enables companies to bridge the gap between their separate demand and supply chains in order to increase inventory turns, reduce inventory write-offs, increase revenues and improve the competitiveness of their channels.

OnDemand’s new service delivers a range of features to enable enterprises to link their supply and demand chain information and processes. These include:

Forecast Collection – an e-mail-delivered pull-down menu form for resellers to select forecast parameters from preset levels. Each partner can input forecasts through simple graphical selections, and then have those forecasts automatically posted to the Partner Accelerator site and the accompanying forecast database by clicking the submit button on the form. Periodically, the forecast database is extracted and provided to the operations team responsible for build plans.

Forecaster Rating – a rating system that "grades" channel partners on their forecasting accuracy. Ratings may be entered either manually by the enterprise channel manager or automatically tabulated from the company’s order entry or ERP system.

Integrated Entitlement – the rating system links to the partner entitlement levels in the Partner Accelerator system using a flexible rules engine. This feature completes a closed loop encompassing forecast collection, forecaster rating and associated entitlement based upon forecast accuracy.

Manufacturer Inventory View – a realtime lens into manufacturing inventory and capacity for channel partners.

Channel Inventory View – a realtime lens into channel inventory for both the manufacturer and its suppliers.

Demand Center is now available. Pricing starts at $250,000.

For more information, visit www.ondemand.com.