Cisco Pushes Play on RealNetworks Deal

Cisco Systems will include RealNetworks Inc.'s RealSystem iQ in its content networking product line. Realsystem iQ is an end-to-end digital media delivery solutions. Cisco hopes the product will enable customers to build more cost-effective enterprise services and applications from their media assets.

Cisco will include RealSystem Server 8 and RealSystem Proxy 8 within its content networking product line, and will resell the RealSystem iQ platform, including RealSystem Server intranet products, to enterprise customers. Additionally, RealNetworks and Cisco will cooperatively market and sell digital delivery solutions to access ISPs and network service providers.

RealSystem iQ is designed to deliver RealVideo 8 and RealAudio 8, MPEG1, MPEG2, MP3, Apple QuickTime, Flash, and over 45 media types to all devices. It is available on all major operating systems.

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