NERSC to Study Fuel Efficiency with IBM

The National Energy Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) in California will use an IBM Corp. supercomputer for scientific research intended to create more fuel-efficient automobiles. The announcement was made during the Supercomputing 2001 Conference last week.

According to IBM, the machine is theoretically capable of 3.8 trillion calculation per second, allowing IBM to capture the number two spot on The TOP500 List released last Thursday (see related story "IBM Continues Supercomputing Dominance"). The company claims the machine is the most powerful unclassified supercomputer in the world.

NERSC will use the supercomputer in several research projects, including simulating internal engine combustion. This research may lead to automobile engines that consume less gasoline and emit fewer pollutants. Scientists believe such next-generation engines could result in an annual savings of more than $30 billion in energy-related costs in the United States alone.