Compaq to Phase Out Alpha, Goes Itanium

Compaq Computer Corporation announced on Monday that it will consolidate its 64-bit server family on Intel Corporation's Itanium architecture. This move will lead to the gradual phase-out of Compaq's Alpha processor by 2004.

Compaq will complete and deliver an additional generation of Alpha technology, the EV7, after which Intel will take over with tools and support from Compaq. The company also announced that it will continue to refresh its line of Alpha-based servers through 2003. Compaq will also design and build new NonStop Himalaya systems based on MIPS chip technology until the Itanium-based systems are available.

To support a smooth transition, Compaq is transferring significant Alpha tools and engineering resources to Intel, as well as granting licenses to Compaq's Alpha microprocessor technology and compilers. Several hundred Compaq employees will become Intel employees over the next few years, as current projects end. As well, the company will immediately begin to port Tru64 Unix, OpenVMS and NonStop Kernel operating systems and development tools to the Itanium processor family.

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