Vision Adds Features to New High-Availability Suite

High-availability player Vision Solutions has revealed a new version of its Vision Suite OMS/400, which is designed to work with IBM's recently announced operating system, OS/400 V5R1.

OMS/400, a widely used solution for high availability and disaster recovery on the iSeries, in its latest iteration supports several new capabilities, including a proprietary feature that allows customers to ensure data from the source system is consistent with data on the target system at all times. The feature, called CRC Sync Check and Object Repair, gives customers that use the target system to offload work the ability to ratify inadvertent modifications to a file before they cause damage.

Using the feature, if a file is found to be out of sync, CRC Sync Check can re-sync an entire file or just a piece of a file to restore consistency. By doing this, customers can avoid taking the time to perform a save/restore operation for very large files that have been corrupted.

In addition, OMS/400 will provide companion support to V5R1 with removable device clusters, journal minimal data, extended LOBs support, and OS supplied data area and data queue journaling support.

The new version of Vision Suite OMS/400 will begin shipping some time during the fourth quarter of this year.

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