Zollar: Lotus Committed to Web Services

Talking about Lotus’ commitment to the new Web services movement, the company’s outspoken leader Al Zollar pointed to several new offerings to prove his point during a keynote address at the annual Lotus DevCon event in Las Vegas.

"Web services is not about changing existing applications – it's about changing the way applications are exposed and leveraging them across the Web," said Zollar. "We are already putting Web services headlights on our new solutions in order to enable the standards in the 'right' places with any upcoming products - so when the time comes, our customers will be able to plug and play applications. Lotus customers would be able to keep one, consistent application model that evolves over time, adding increased value as more and more users commit to adding solutions."

Falling in line with IBM, Lotus is making efforts to equip its software with support for Web services. Web services are an Internet, standards-based model for building and integrating Web applications and systems – regardless of platform or network limitations. The model is expected to give application developers and customers alike more flexibility in bringing interoperable solutions to market.

Recently, IBM revealed that its latest versions of WebSphere and DB2 have been furnished with support for Web services. Lotus followed suite revealing some new solutions this week at DevCon, including the Lotus Web Services Enablement Kit, Sametime Everyplace 1.0, K-station Software Developers Kit, Domino Application Studio and Lotus Workflow 3.0.

In revealing the new solutions, all of which support or enable the development of Web services in some way, Zollar described them as indicative of Lotus belief in the value of open standards-based computing.

For more on Lotus’ new solutions, visit www.lotus.com/home.nsf/welcome/products (new window).