ACOM, EasyLink Partner to Make EDI Affordable

In an effort to eliminate the cost of building an EDI network from scratch, iSeries EDI player ACOM Solutions Inc. has partnered with hosted messaging provider EasyLink Service Corporation.

Under their agreement, ACOM will bundle the EasyLink IP EDI value-added network with its EXConnect EDI/XML e-commerce solution. As a result, ACOM customers using EDI and EDIFACT standards will be able to connect to EasyLink’s IP-based EDI network to send and receive files. The arrangement is intended to allow customers to leverage EasyLink instead of making a heavy investment to build an EDI network in-house.

"IP EDI gives users the same features and functionality of a VAN using IPprotocols at IP prices,” said Henry Bayard, EasyLink’s vice president of product management in a statement. “ACOM gives users best-in-class EDI/EC Enterprise software at the same time EasyLink gives users a best-in-class network. The combination of the two offerings gives users an end-to-end solution for worldwide EDI exchange."

Prior to formalizing their working relationship, ACOM and EasyLink had collaborated on a number of projects. During these experiences, the two companies were able to generate savings for customers of up to 70 percent as compared to traditional VAN services, according to Gregory T. Church, ACOM’s vice president of marketing and communications.

ACOM's EZConnect EDI/XML solution is an SQL-based system that can integrate directly with any ODBC-compliant database. Itincludes translation and mapping software, a trading partner managementtool, security module and a documentation tool and supports all EDI and EDIFACT standards.

Key features and functionality of EasyLink IP EDI include:

  • 24/7 access with over 99 percent network availability
  • Disaster recovery
  • Internet Protocol connection options
  • Virtually instantaneous transmission speed
  • Full EDI/EDIFACT compliance, end-point to end-point
  • Private network compatibility
  • Multiple delivery aids
  • Logging, and Tracking and Reporting services
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