Lotus Deploys Instant Messaging as a Web Service

Calling it the “first instant messaging and online awareness software for a wide range of wireless devices,” Lotus Development Corp. recently unveiled its Sametime Everyplace offering.

In addition to its instant messaging capabilities, Sametime Everyplace makes Lotus technology available on most wireless devices, including Microsoft’s Pocket PC and Palm. Sametime Everyplace is the real-time component of Lotus’ wireless initiative, which also includes Mobile Notes and the Domino Everyplace server offering.

Lotus’ mobile portfolio is a big part of IBM’s wireless strategy and has already been integrated with some of Big Blue’s technology. The latest release of DB2, for example, has a wireless feature called DB2 Everyplace, which is based on Lotus’ wireless efforts.

Sametime Everyplace is built on a Web services architecture. Web services is a standards-based methodology for deploying Internet-based applications that many of the big-name vendors in the computing industry like IBM, Microsoft and Sun are now throwing their weight behind.

"With Sametime Everyplace online awareness capabilities, employees can immediately determine whether their colleagues are online and choose the appropriate vehicle for instant communication - whether on a mobile device,” said Patricia Booth, director of unified communications for Lotus Development Corp in a statement. “While other companies are developing consumer-based wireless solutions, Lotus has delivered one of the first 'fit-for-business' wireless instant messaging solutions."

As a Web services-enabled solution, developers can use the technology behind Sametime to incorporate instant messaging as part of their own offerings by linking into the service using Java APIs and JavaBeans.

Sametime Everyplace is slated for hard launch by the end of July in North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia Pacific through select Lotus resellers and on the Lotus Web site, as well as through IBM Global Services.

For more information, visit www.lotus.com (new window).