Data Junction and Forest Computer Automate Data Distribution

Data Junction Corp. has partnered with Forest Computer to form an interactive, real-time conversion and filtering solution for automated data distribution. Data Junction will be working with Forest Computer's Legacy Press, which delivers automated data retrieval, conversion and delivery of reports from legacy hosts including IBM mainframes and AS/400s, Digital VAX, all UNIX systems, PC LANs, Web servers and e-mail systems.

Using Data Junction’s Content Extractor, Legacy Press users can extract data from reports for loading into spreadsheets or databases for further analysis. Data Junction and the Integration Engine allow automation and integration of Legacy Press output with over 100 various data formats and applications. Legacy Press also manages the organization of comprehensive Web sites for quick retrieval of resultant data by end-users via Web Servers.

Content Extractor develops scripts for extracting data from reports published by Legacy Press. Legacy Press accesses the Integration Engine via its API for automating the process of loading and executing Content Extractor scripts and maps specification files for conversion of the report data to the final output required by the end user. Because Integration Engine features connectivity to hundreds of application file formats, the Engine allows Legacy Press to convert data directly into almost any file format.

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