Overland and Chaparral Deliver 2Gb SAN Tape Library

Overland Data has formed a partnership with Chaparral Network Storage Inc. to provide a native 2 Gigabit Fibre Channel SAN tape library. Overland’s LibraryXpress Neo Series extendable tape libraries incorporate Compact PCI (cPCI) option bays allowing for plug-and-play integration of the Chaparral developed 2-Gigabit Fibre Channel Option.

Overland’s Fibre Channel Option for the Neo Series provides connectivity to Fibre Channel SANs and offers SAN-enabled features including auto sensing of clock rates and fabric or loop topologies. Supporting a sustained data transfer rate of over 180 MB per second and nine concurrent Extended Copy commands per interface, the Fibre Channel Option gives users a new level of configurability and performance in a native Fibre Channel library. Up to eight Fibre Channel Option cards can be installed into a fully configured multi-module Neo Series library rendering 5.2 TB per hour of sustained data rate meeting the needs of current and future tape technologies.

"Chaparral¹s technology leadership in SAN functionality - includingserverless backup, advanced interconnectivity, and extremely high datatransfer performance - enables us to work with companies like Overland todevelop world-class products," said Greg Mangold, vice president ofmarketing, Chaparral Network Storage, Inc. "SAN connectivity options and 2GB per second support, together with extensive interoperability testing makethe Chaparral/Overland combination an excellent choice for backup in a SANenvironment."

Option bays built into all Neo Series libraries provide tremendous support for a range of configurations, investment protection and appliance-like simplicity in connectivity, and is the third generation of Overland's SmartScale LibraryXpress product line. The Neo Series LXN2000 library module supports one or two drives and up to 26 media slots. Additional modules can be added, as needed - up to seven additional modules into the Neo Series multi-mode system for a total of 16 drives and 208 slots, the highest rack density available today. When using multiple LXN2000 modules, the Neo Series functions as a single virtual library system.

With each module having separate robotics, hot swappable drives, power supplies and electronics the Neo Series offers customers high availability and unprecedented uptime. Native capacity scales from 1 to 22.9 TB, with a native transfer rate scalable from single module 21.6 GB/hour, up to 634 GB/hour in the multi-module system.

For more information, visit www.chaparralnet.com (new window), or www.overlanddata.com (new window).