BCC Builds High-Performance Disk Drive for iSeries

BCC Technologies has developed an integrated disk drive offering to be used with IBM’s iSeries line of servers. The new technology promises to deliver the greatest number of Operations Per Second of any iSeries-based disk subsystem.

The product, called the 15K RPM Extender Disk Drive, integrates a 15K hard drive assembly with BCC’s patented Fast Access Storage technology. The 15K EDD can be configured at 4, 8, 17 and 35 GB capacities and can achieve average seek times as low as 1 millisecond with BCC’s FAST technology.

For the iSeries, having fast disk drives is important as it allows customers to better take advantage of the systems’ high-performance processor and memory technologies. Without a fast disk drive, the processing power behind iSeries can be negatively impacted by hard disk bottlenecks. "Our 15K EDD attacks the iSeries disk performance bottleneck with an OPS rating of up to 177, average seek times as fast as 1 millisecond, rotational latency of 2 milliseconds, and a spindle RPM speed of 15K,” said BCC founder and CEO David Breisacher in a statement. “This power permits the iSeries to keep up with the most sophisticated ERP, CRM or SCM solutions."

BCC's FAST technology can double or triple the 15K EDD's performance, using BCC's Intelligent Partition Controller to restrict the movement of the drive actuator to the outer 1/3 of the drive’s cylinders. This reduced actuator movement will decrease average seek times by up to 68 percent and will improve sustained media transfer rates by up to 35 percent. With FAST technology, BCC says overall performance of the 15K EDD is improved by more than 55 percent.

BCC’s 15K EDD ranges in price from 14 to 33 centes per MB. The product is expected to be publicly available some time during the third quarter.

For more information, visit www.bcctech.com (new window).