IBM Offers New Enterprise Storage Products

IBM Corp. announced two new models (the B20 and the B10 VTS) of its TotalStorage Virtual Tape Server, which will incorporate IBM's copper chip technology. The new chip technology increases the peak write date rate (up to a 100 percent increase on the B20, according to IBM). Both models are available for use in a peer-to-peer configuration.

The company also announced fibre channel-based connection (FICON) support for its TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server (code named Shark). According to the company, Shark will be the first server to offer mainframe customers a fibre channel-based connection to their high-end disk systems.

IBM also announced the TotalStorage SAN Controller 160, a high-function serial disk controller, designed to provide fibre channel connectivity for Unix servers from IBM, Sun and HP, in addition to Windows NT/2000 servers.

FICON will ship on Sept. 28 and the VTS models will ship on Aug. 31.

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