Stratus Launches ftServer 3200

Stratus Technologies Inc. launched a new, low-end Intel processor-based, fault-tolerant server. The new Stratus ftServer 3200 uses Stratus' technology but is built by NEC Corp., which unveiled the server for the Japanese market in May.

Stratus enhances the hardware with its own service package, which includes a remote service network that notes when redundant parts within a system have failed and express mails the parts to the customer. Stratus will sell a one-processor ftServer 3200 for $18,443.

Both the Stratus ftServer 3200 and 5200 are two-processor-capable servers that run Windows 2000 Advanced Server. The 5200 comes in a much larger box, taking up 19U of rack space compared with 8U for the 3200. But the 5200 is much more expandable in terms of storage and also can be purchased in a six nines of availability version.

The 5200 carries Pentium III Xeon processors, while the 3200 uses standard Pentium III chips. Stratus will also offer field upgrades to four-way SMP on the ftServer 5200 when it ships that technology.