Q&A: Mobilizing System i Data

IBM's System i has long been a trusted computing platform, but it's 24 x 80 column data layout is out of touch with today's Internet and mobile devices. Here's how to bring its data into the 21st century.

Mobile Computing's Tipping Point

Mobile security products fared better than did the broader security market in a very tough 2009. Look for that trend to continue.

The Sleeper Cellular Issue

IT organizations are highly exposed to security breaches through their information worker's mobile devices.

Q&A: Managing Mobile Devices

From security issues to integrating heterogeneous devices, mobile device management is fraught with challenges.

Security Focus in 2010: Internal Threats, Cloud Computing, and Mobile Devices

CA’s chief security architect discusses the three key areas for security professional’s attention this year.

The Enterprise's Achilles' Heel: Cellular Security

IT shops aren't doing enough to secure their cellular communications. This leaves them wide open to attack. The stakes are high -- and likely to get even higher.

Five IT Focal Points for 2010

What should IT focus on this year? Some key issues from 2009 remain, but several new areas will need IT's attention.

Security Trends in 2010

Security will continue to be a hot-button issue this year. Here’s how to protect your business-critical information.

Q&A: Deploying a Mobile Device Manager

The variety of mobile devices is growing, as is pressure on IT to support their growing mobile workforce. We offer tips to make IT's job easier.

Q&A: Maximizing Network Performance

Network management is more than just knowing if devices are operating properly.

BEA Updates Mainframe Software Stack

Judging from this month’s flurry of new product announcements, BEA’s mainframe software business is alive and well

Microsoft Gets SaaS-y

Is Microsoft’s come-to-software-as-a-service invitation sincere—or just a token gesture?

IBM’s Gears up for Web 2.0 Power Play

IBM, Google, and Microsoft ready to rumble for Web 2.0 supremacy

How Blades Are Reinventing the PC Wheel

Are the days of fat client PCs -- Windows, Mac, and Linux -- numbered?

An Rx for Network Authentication Anarchy

A new appliance acts as a meta-broker to the wild profusion of competing network access control schemes

Careers: Study Shows You're Working Harder than Ever

If you think you’ve got a lot more on your plate these days, you’re probably right

Seven Principles of Effective RFID Data Management (Part 2 of 2)

In the second article of our two-part series, we look at four additional principles to help you effectively manage your RFID data.

Seven Principles of Effective RFID Data Management (Part 1 of 2)

Instant decision-making on high-volume, high-velocity data streams isn't a new challenge. We examine seven principles to help manage RFID data.

The WANs Have Landed: Wireless Technology: Embrace It or Beware

Wireless has hit the business runways, and users are still excited over the sexiness of the latest fashions. Companies are quickly springing up to develop and build the hardware needed to form an enterprise-level wireless network. Who is truly in vogue. Find out.

The Right to Remain Mobile: The Toronto Police Department's eCops Application Uses Data Mining and Wireless Technology to Unshackle Its Information Infrastructure

Law enforcement has come a long way from recruiting jaded, former gunslingers to keep an eye on any trouble in town. Police departments are learning to use technology to link their employees to information and to each other -- keeping the good guys one step ahead of the bad. The Toronto Police Department recently started work on eCops, a crime reporting application that is expected to increase productivity and reduce technology costs by 50 percent.