Maintenance Alternatives and Electran Mean E-business

Electran Corp. (Larkspur, Calif.) announces an agreement with Maintenance Alternatives Corp. (Petaluma, Calif.) to support Electran's e-commerce application for the AS/400, according to published reports.

Electran/AS is designed to enable authorized company employees and customers to sign onto the company Web site and conduct business using real-time, online order management data, using any browser.

"There are a large number of installed AS/400s running a vendor-provided application that are candidates for Electran/AS," says Chris Herron, president of Electran Corp. "Many of these customers are now looking to enter the world of e-commerce and do not want to have to change their installed, well-running back-office business applications. Electran/AS gives them e-commerce capabilities and leaves their current application environment intact."

"Our AS/400 customers are looking for an e-commerce solution which integrates seamlessly with their existing applications and is non-disruptive," says Bob Field, president of Maintenance Alternatives Corp. (MAC). "The Electran/AS product meets this requirement, by allowing customers to establish an e-commerce Web site without having to upgrade or modify their existing business applications."

MAC Professional Services will assist customers seeking this capability by providing education classes, product mentoring and full network integration services, according to Field. "This agreement enables us to utilize our expertise and the Electran/AS product to provide additional services to AS/400 customers," he adds.

--L. Greenemeier

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