Tokenization, Regulation and Expansion: Web3 Trends To Watch in 2023

Web3 technologies are poised to become more mainstream this year, according to a treatise penned by a member of the World Economic Forum (WEF) ahead of the group's big annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

Nike Steps Further into Web3 with Community-Based Virtual Sportswear Design

Sportswear giant Nike has taken another step into Web3 territory with the launch of .Swoosh, a blockchain-based platform from which members can create and collect digital versions of jerseys, shoes and other clothing to wear in online games and other virtual spaces.

Decentralized Web Facing Natural Pressures toward ReCentralization

Since Elon Musk concluded his acquisition of Twitter in at the end of October, there has been something of a clarion call to abandon the platform and join one of the decentralized microblogging networks, such as Mastodon, Hubzilla or Diaspora.


Open Source Tool Launches To Protect Against Web3 Security Attacks

A new open source extension for Chrome browsers promises to protect users against rising Web3 security threats like phishing and fraudulent contracts.

Open Source Microwallet Toolkit Debuts for Web3 dAPIs

Earlier this week, The New Computer Corporation (NCC) announced Inkey, a new set of tools for launching and running decentralized application program services (dAPIs) for Web3-focused interactions.

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Practical Blockchain: Dev Report Ranks 15 Non-Cryptocurrency Platforms

A new report on the state of non-cryptocurrency blockchain development shows how developers and learners interact with 15 different platforms.

Gravatar Now Supported by .NET MAUI Community Toolkit

Microsoft recently announced the new .NET MAUI Community Toolkit v1.3 adds support for Gravatar, standing for "globally recognized avatar."

Devs Sound Off on the Future of Web3

The latest Stack Overflow survey find a mixed take on Web3 technologies.

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AWS Gamifies Cloud Training with Metaverse Tools

This week Amazon Web Services released a metaverse-like game called AWS Cloud Quest: Cloud Practitioner o train users on its cloud.

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'Ice Phishing' Threat on the Blockchain Growing

Earlier this week Microsoft released a warning that the company is seeing an increased number of phishing attempts aimed at web3.

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New Intel GPUs Aimed at Blockchain Mining Market

Last week Intel announced that it is developing new technologies for the blockchain ecosystem.

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Google Cloud Launches Blockchain Team

Google Cloud announced the formation of a new Digital Assets Team for blockchain technology, whose rise it compared to that of open source and the internet.

Azure Blockchain Service Ending in September

According to a recently updated Microsoft document, the Azure Blockchain service will end on Sept. 10, 2021,

VMware Blockchain Debuts

Originally announced as a beta in 2018, it is now commercially available to help organizations build business networks and deploy business-critical decentralized applications.