IBM Announces Springtime CA Express Availability

IBM announces AS/400 Client Access Express for Windows -- its new 32-bit Window client. Client Access Express for Windows is designed for end users running on the Microsoft Windows 95, 98 and NT 4.0 (workstation or server) operating systems, and can be used to connect to AS/400 systems using OS/400 V4R2 or later, according to IBM software announcement information.

CA Express is designed to use the built-in functions of the Windows desktop to enable users to quickly and easily connect to AS/400 systems, while taking advantage of recent AS/400 advancements -- such as NetServer -- to provide PC users network print and file serving capabilities.

Highlights of the Express product include: the 32-bit client; support for TCP/IP connectivity; enhanced network security through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL); use of AS/400 NetServer; enhanced GUIs for V4R4 functions via Operations Navigator; and administration of PCs from a central AS/400 through improvements to Microsoft System Policy support and Operations Navigator Application Administration.

CA Express will be available for V4R4 users on May 21, while V4R3 and V4R2 will be able to use the product beginning June 4.

--L. Greenemeier

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