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Eurologic's Storage Subsytems for Dell; Y2K-Related Failures; Interliant Receives Beacon Award; EDS, A.T.Kearney and NCR Partnership.

Going Mainstream

Eurologic Systems will custom-design Ultra 2 SCSI data storage subsystems for DellComputers. Eurologic's first offering for Dell will be the Dell PowerVault 200S SCSIstorage subsystem. Ultra 2 SCSI is a high-speed (80 MB/sec) data transfer interface thatis backward compatible with all previous versions of the SCSI standard.

Eurologic is a developer and manufacturer of data storage solutions. The deal with Dellrepresents a milestone in Eurologic's OEM program, which complements the company'svertical industry solutions initiatives, targeting imaging, pre-press and film/videoproduction applications. For more information, contact Eurologic at (978) 266-9224.

EDS, A.T. Kearney and
NCR Partnership

EDS has signed a letter of intent to lead a business partnership with A.T. Kearney andNCR to deliver business intelligence services that create information arsenals by bundlingmanagement and solutions consulting with technical delivery across the extendedenterprise.

EDS clients are adding value to their businesses by using EDS Business IntelligenceServices to: Go to market faster; Prepare for new electronic-business ventures; Improvecomplex decision making out of isolated and disjointed information; Enhance performance ofestablished corporate alliances, the value chain, or the extended enterprise; Betterunderstand their business operations and customers throughout their extended enterprise.

Business Innovation Services ­ A.T. Kearney and the EDS industry units bring insightand affiliations that enable the establishment of value-added extended enterprises,allowing clients to reinvent their value chain and become key drivers in their

Extended Enterprise Integration Services ­ By working with clients, EDS integratesknowledge, information, and processes between enterprises to empower informationpartnerships across the extended

Customer Intelligence Services ­ EDS will leverage its Centrobe which integrates allcustomer touch points and manages customer interactions so every facet of an enterprisecan benefit from customer

Data Warehouse/Data Mining Services ­ EDS and NCR will focus on the total solution ofpeople processes and technology and provide insight on information-based businessimprovement within a functional department, enterprise or extended

Source Systems Maintenance and Refreshment Services ­ EDS provides singlepoint-of-contact management, enhancement, correction, update and maintenance of existingoperational systems that currently house enterprise data. Contact EDS at, A.T.Kearney at www., or NCR at

Not Adding Up

According to a study by IT Metrics, 40 percent of companies surveyed have had a Year2000-related failure. Most of the failures have caused a processing disruption (88percent) or financial miscalculations (70 percent). Howard Rubin, Metrics Expert, Editorof IT Metrics Strategies, and Senior Consultant on the Cutter Consortium's Year 2000 andBusiness-IT Alignment advisory services, authored the study. As part of his work with CapGemini, Rubin surveyed 114 Fortune 500 companies.

Says Rubin, "If you combine these statistics with additional information from thestudy, some disturbing trends emerge. Of the 114 companies I surveyed, 82 percentresponded that their company's existing business disruption plans do not provide adequatecoverage for the Year 2000 ... So we have companies already experiencing Year 2000-relatedproblems ­ like logistical/supply chain problems, for example ­ but little faith thatthe systems in place can handle these problems."

More Errors to Come

With less than one year remaining, a Cap Gemini study reveals that not only have alarge majority of America's largest corporations experienced Y2K-related failures, butnearly all of the companies ­ 98 percent ­ expect a lot more failures in 1999.

Despite the increasing prospect of potential system failures, the majority of thecompanies surveyed remained confident. Five out of six expect to have more than threequarters of their critical systems tested and compliant by the end of next year ­identical to the percentage as of three months ago.

The quarterly survey is one of the longest-running surveys to systematically monitorYear 2000 preparedness. Conducted by Cap Gemini America LLC, the survey encompasses ITdirectors and managers of 110 major U.S. corporations in 12 industrial sectors and 12federal, state and local government agencies.

Back in the Winner's Circle

Interliant received a Beacon Award at Lotusphere '99 for "Excellence inPartnering." Interliant was one of 21 companies to receive Beacon Awards out of 900nominees in various categories. This latest award, along with Interliant's 1995 BeaconAward in the "Excellence in Customer Satisfaction" category, puts Interliant inan elite group of companies who have won two or more times. In addition, Interliant was aBeacon Award finalist in 1998 for the "Excellence in Customer Satisfaction"category.

Interliant won the Beacon Award for its joint solution with Lotus Premium Partner,Nexus Technology Limited and Westbrook International Limited, for providing Xerox'sEuropean Channel Sales Group with an integrated Notes and Domino solution for managingchannel sales and customer projects. Contact Interliant at (713) 650-6522, x3288

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