Partners Support SSA's eBPCS Product Suite

System Software Associates (Chicago) has announced Ironside Technologies Inc. (Pleasanton, Calif.), Lotus Development Corp. (Cambridge, Mass.), Business Objects (San Jose, Calif.) and i2 Technologies (Irving, Texas) as the newest members of its growing Alliance Partnership Program. SSA also announced joint development projects with longtime partners IBM and Hewlett-Packard.

The purpose of SSA's rapidly expanding circle of partners and alliances is to assist the company in delivering fast implementation of a variety of solutions, from e-commerce and remote access to business intelligence and advanced planning and scheduling.

"Today, businesses can no longer exist in isolation," says Robert Hoyt, SSA VP of Global Accounts. "To compete, they must be able to leverage their ERP solutions with added functionality to capitalize on new business opportunities and share information across the supply chain. The market, however, cannot wait for this functionality to be developed from scratch or try unproven, newly retrofitted high-end solutions."

SSA's new fleet of alliances are expected to go far in supporting the company's eBPCS product suite, which has a strong ERP backbone with a flexible infrastructure designed to allow customers to integrate specialized business processes from third-party vendors.

"Built on 18 years of experience serving the industrial sector, SSA's core eBPCS suite seamlessly integrates with best-of-market solutions from industry-leading partners," says Robert Nussbaum, SSA VP of Product Management. "Our experience combined with our new SSA Portfolio strategy provide an unmatched market solution."

--L. Greenemeier

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