April Industry News

Amdahl's Multi-Server Feature

Amdahl Technology Group (ATG) maintains that many leading independent software vendors(ISVs) license their software on Amdahl Millennium S/390 ­ compatible servers with theoptional Multiple Server Feature (MSF). So, customers can now split their mainframes tofit specific workloads and avoid unnecessary software upgrade costs when consolidatingonto larger systems.

Amdahl provides a single-frame computer with up to four separately serialed computerswithin. ISV software can be licensed to the individual computers so customers pay feesonly on software necessary to run a specific workload ­ rather than paying based on thetotal capacity of all the servers in the frame.

As enterprises deal with issues associated with the Year 2000 deadline, MSF helps themadd or remove processing units on the fly without disruption, in order to increase ordecrease computing capacity needed to isolate Year 2000 testing environments. ContactAmdahl at (408) 992-2257 or visit

Cisco's Channel Program

Cisco Systems introduced a new Specialization Program that equips the channel withexpertise for integrating New World Internet Protocol (IP) networks with legacy mainframecomputers. This program, designed to help the channel deliver value by couplingspecialized skills with Cisco's technology, is part of an overall channel specializationprogram.

Industry analysts estimate that only 20 to 25 percent of enterprises worldwide havebegun the integration of their SNA and IP networks. Also, the SNA/IP integration marketwill grow to a $4.5 billion opportunity by the year 2002 as enterprises and serviceproviders link SNA and IP networks to streamline business processes and better servecustomers.

Cisco's SNA/IP Integration Specialization Program will be available during the secondquarter of 1999. Channel partners can achieve two different levels of Cisco's SNA/IPIntegration Specialization after completing specific knowledge transfer, infrastructureand support requirements: The Sales Specialization prepares partners to design and sellCisco's SNA/IP solutions; and the Solutions Specialization prepares partners to design,sell, install and support Cisco's SNA /IP solutions. Contact Cisco Systems

Isogon's SoftAudit

Isogon Corporation announced availability of Version 1.20 of SoftAudit/ONE Desktop, thesoftware inventory and asset management tool used in some of the largest data centers tomanage OS/390-licensed software. Enhancements to SoftAudit/ONE Desktop include Autoloader,a feature that automatically imports multiple SoftAudit/ONE data files from the mainframeto the desktop. Other improvements have been made to the software's per-
formance, graphics and reporting capabilities.

According to David Ochroch, Sallie Mae's Director of Information Technology AssetManagement, SoftAudit/ONE Desktop helped the organization negotiate more favorablearrangements with software vendors, gain greater control over a complex mainframe softwareenvironment, and more easily determine the true usefulness and value of their licensedsoftware. This enabled them to save more than $5 million over five years, Ochroch said.SoftAudit/ONE Desktop Version 1.20 is available now. Users can contact Isogon at (212)376-3200 or download the upgrade from their Web site at

CorVu Enhances Business Performance with IBM

CorVu Corporation, a provider of business performance management software, launched aninitiative with IBM, which will include the integration of CorVu's Balanced Scorecardsolution with IBM's DB2 Universal Database and DB2 OLAP Server.

CorVu's Balanced Scorecard solution provides the ability to translate strategic andtactical corporate objectives into individual performance measures, link performanceresults with the processes which drive those results and align strategic with tacticaloperations. It produces an interactive scorecard which enables users to drill directlyinto performance data for online analysis.

IBM DB2 Universal Database is its Web-ready relational database management system ­powerful enough to meet the demands of large corporations and flexible enough to servemedium-sized and small businesses. DB2 Universal Database combines business intelligencewith performance and reliability for transaction processing.

IBM's DB2 OLAP Server is an online analytical processing (OLAP) server designed for awide range of multidimensional planning, analysis and reporting applications. DB2 OLAPServer integrates the Hyperion (Arbor) Essbase OLAP engine and application programminginterfaces with the IBM DB2 family of relational databases. Contact CorVu at (800)610-0769 or visit

Elron Year 2000 Knowledgebase

Elron Software's Elron Year 2000 Knowledgebase is a Web-based shop for Y2K compliancedata. Elron Year 2000 Knowledgebase provides users with the most current, up-
to-date compliance information. The Year 2000 Knowledgebase features: Instant Update, livedynamically updated Year 2000 compliance information; Instant Access, global access tocompliance data via the Internet; and Instant Notification, an e-mail system notifying ITprofessionals of Y2K changes and updates. Contact Elron at (617) 914-5000 or

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