EXTOL Announces EDI Integrator 4.0

With Release 4.0 of its EDI Integrator, EXTOL Inc. (Pottsville, Pa.) introduces several new features to its electronic data interchange management software package.

This latest release includes the following enhancements: external file lookup, advanced auto-map, user defined menus, improved application view, document re-sending via EDI, document sending via fax or e-mail, and Expedite/400 interface.

The features expected to generate the most interest are external file lookup and advanced auto-map, according to EXTOL. The external file lookup feature allows files to be retrieved for external lookup using the same method as keyed interface files. Any number of keyed files may be referenced during translation and all fields in an external file record become available for mapping with one lookup. External file lookup also supports complex key structures and is capable of field-to-field mapping.

Advanced auto-map builds new maps automatically. Using sample data, it completes the trading partner setup process automatically. Even without sample data, the advanced auto-map function can create a map for specified documents, as long as the documents allow for all segments and elements in the specified standard.

--J. Martin

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