A New Dimension to Enterprise Management

With a continued commitment to enterprise management solutions, New Dimension Software Inc. (Irvine, Calif.) announces the addition of two new products to enhance its current product line. The CONTROL-O/Server and the CONTROL-D/Agent for AS/400 represent new components to New Dimension's integrated family of enterprise production management, security administration and output management products.

The CONTROL-O/Server, a Windows NT-based outboard event management and automation product provides a secure environment for the monitoring and management of enterprise events from one central location, regardless of platform or geographical location. The CONTROL-O/Server is an integral part of the Enterprise Event Management suite, eliminating the need for multiple physical terminals and providing a consolidated central point of event management and rule-based automation for dissimilar environments including AS/400, MVS, UNIX, Windows NT, Tandem, VM and Unisys.

"The complexity of today’s heterogeneous environments make the delivery of useable business-critical information a constant challenge to organizations," says Gary Leibowitz, VP of marketing for New Dimension Software. "The multiple events generated by numerous computing technologies must therefore be monitored, problems detected and resources efficiently managed to ensure systems availability. With the company’s Enterprise Event Management solutions, we can provide organizations with the tools that they require to automate and manage enterprise events, maintain service levels and remain competitive."

The new AS/400-supported CONTROL-D/Agent, part of the company’s Enterprise Output Management architecture suite, identifies new output on the AS/400 output queues and automatically transfers the output to CONTROL-D/Decollation Server. This facilitates the transfer of data. The Agent performs all required data translation for enterprise distribution, in addition to enabling large volume output processing and distribution enterprisewide to numerous output destinations.

"The AS/400 has always been a key platform for us," Leibowitz says. "As the number of business-critical applications running on the AS/400 continues to increase, so will the demand for multi-and cross-platform solutions to manage the enterprise."

In other New Dimension Software news, the company announced in March that it was acquired by BMC Software, a Houston-based provider of application service assurance (ASA) solutions. This acquisition will complement BMC's anticipated merger with Boole & Babbage Inc., currently the exclusive European distributor of New Dimensions Software’s product line. BMC Software intends to maintain and expand New Dimension Software’s current operation in Israel.

"This transaction is a win-win for all parties: New Dimension Software, BMC Software, our customers and the industry as a whole," says Dan Barnea, CEO of New Dimension Software. "The unique combination of our companies’ product sets, coupled with our existing distribution arrangements with Boole & Babbage, will enable the new BMC Software to provide state-of-the-art solutions to manage the entire enterprise."

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