Anota Offers Web-to-Host Options

As the Internet grows as a tool for accessing enterprise information, it is now more important than ever for corporations ensure their employees have quick access to their host systems. Now, companies looking for a way to extend the reach of these host systems can turn to Anota Java Terminal 2.0, a downloadable applet that delivers Web-to-host connectivity via standard Web browsers.

Designed using 100 percent Java, Anota Java Terminal 2.0 requires no desktop software or host application changes, and uses SSL encryption/authentication to securely present host data to users across various locations and platforms.

Besides the ability to access the Internet from mainframe, AS/400 , and other midrange computers, Anota Java Terminal 2.0 also can implement customer self-service and other enterprise solutions.

Some of the features of Anota Java Terminal 2.0 include: hot backup, so if a server goes down the data can be mirrored to another web server automatically; strong management which can reduce the cost of ownership by 35 percent, compared to PC-based emulation software; quick installation, as it can be up and running in 15 minutes; easy security for Internet and Intranet.

Anota Java Terminal 2.0 is now available and is priced just below $100 per client, including full management capabilities.

--J. Martin

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