MODCOMP and 4CS Partner to Promote ViewMax

Looking to improve upon its position in the e-commerce market, MODCOMP Inc. (Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.), a subsidiary of CSP Inc. (Billerica, Mass.), recently announced a partnership with 4C Solutions Inc. (East Moline, Ill), a developer of customer software applications and business solutions.

This partnership is designed to help MODCOMP’s e-commerce product, ViewMax, become a popular choice in the Web-to-host market. 4CS will act as a reseller and provide support services for ViewMax.

“We see 4CS as a strong e-commerce partner,” says Gary Fowler, VP of sales and marketing with MODCOMP's Internet Products division. “4CS has shown the willingness and the vision to move forward in e-commerce, and we feel this partnership will give us a bigger presence in the market.

Using ViewMax, companies can integrate IT systems with Internet technology without having to modify the legacy application code. The product bridges a company’s legacy system with its network and extends information from green screens. This allows users to access and update the data from a Web browser. “ViewMax is easy to use, but the return is phenomenal, and with the e-commerce market growing, it is a very valuable tool,” Fowler says.

Although ViewMax has been available in Europe for almost three years, it has only been in the U.S. market for the past year and a half. ViewMax’s most current version is 1.3, with a new release due to come out in approximately three months.

The AS/400 market represents a niche MODCOMP is targeting with ViewMax. “We see a tremendous upside in AS/400s in the e-commerce and Web-to-host market,” Fowler says.

In addition to its role as a reseller and support specialist, the partnership with MODCOMP will also benefit 4CS in other ways. “Many of our customers have immediate needs for e-business solutions,” says Martin Spratt, manager of consulting services and solutions for 4CS. “With MODCOMP’s ViewMax, we will be able to provide a scalable and reliable technology to get them into the e-commerce market quickly and cost effectively.”

--J. Martin

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