According to the Cutter Consortium’s report, "Data Warehousing Issues and Trends: How Organizations Worldwide Are Adopting and Applying Data Warehousing Technology," over half (51 percent) of companies surveyed report that their company’s data warehousing development efforts have been affected by the Year 2000 problem.Curt Hall, author of the report, is Editor of "Data Management Strategies," published by Cutter Information Corp., and Senior Consultant on Cutter Consortium’s Distributed Computing Architecture Advisory Service. Says Hall, "Much has been made about the effect of the Year 2000 problem on corporate application development in general; however, I wanted to get a feel for how the Year 2000 is affecting corporate data warehouse development efforts."Hall continues, "Overall, 44 percent of all respondents claim their organization’s data warehouse development efforts are not affected by the Year 2000 problem. On the other hand, 35 percent said they are slightly affected, 12 percent said they are affected and 4 percent said they are very affected. In other words, 51 percent of all respondents report that their organization’s data warehouse development efforts have been negatively impacted to some degree by the Y2000 problem.""When we compared the effect of Year 2000 on larger versus smaller companies’ data warehousing efforts, we see that 56 percent of the larger companies’ data warehouse development efforts have been negatively impacted by the Year 2000 problem, compared to 45 percent of the smaller companies. It stands to reason that larger companies would be more affected by the Year 2000, if for no other reason than they have more internal systems to analyze and correct. In addition, larger companies tend to have more partners on whose systems they rely, and which may impact their own systems."

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