Marcam Taps Ironside to Provide e-Commerce Functionality for PRISM

Delivering on its promise to extend enterprise functionality by integrating with "best of class" solution components, Marcam Solutions Inc. (Newton, Mass.) announced it has selected Ironside Technologies Inc. (Pleasanton, Calif.) to become part of its Product Alliance Program. Through this alliance, Ironside will provide e-commerce functionality for PRISM, Marcam's ERP solution for the AS/400 platform.

"Marcam is committed to partnering with only the most complementary and truly best-of-class technology," says Bruce Sabot, VP of customer relations for Marcam. "Ironworks was the clear choice for extending e-commerce to PRISM. Transaction speed and real-time integration are two of the most critical success factors in a manufacturing environment and Ironside is unparalleled along both dimensions."

PRISM is developed for product manufacturers and is focused on the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Ironside's e-commerce product, Ironworks, will integrate with COM, PRISM's order entry module. Through this integration, manufacturers will have Internet transaction capability and sell-side access to order status, product availability and critical account information—all with sub-second response time. Ironside is also expected to extend PRISM by providing real-time access to mission-critical upstream information.

--by J. Martin

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