Performance Boost of 100% Expected With New LXr 8500 NetServer

HP’s new eight-way NetServer LXr 8500 system comprises up to eight Pentium III Xeon 550MHz CPUs and up to 32GB SDRAM with four 64-bit PCI controllers all in a 7U height rack-optimized system. It combines fully hot-swapable/hot-plugable components with 90 system monitoring and reporting sensors, fault-resilient booting, advanced memory-scrubbing software utility and hardware-based one-button disaster-recovery tape-backup, available through the optional HP SureStore DAT24i accessory.

"The HP NetServer LXr 8500 is running significantly faster than the HP NetServer LXr 8000 system within our SAP R/3 environment. I expect more than 100% improvement in system performance when we add additional memory with Windows 2000," said Kevin Beattie, director of Corporate Information Systems for Nordson Corporation.

Intelligent management components include HP TopTools 4.5, TopTools Remote Control Card for remote administration and OpenView ManageX/SE 4.1 for operating-system and applications management.

The new systems will be priced from $23,600 to $26,300 and are expected to be available in late summer. HP will offer an in-box upgrade from the HP NetServer LXr 8000 system to the HP NetServer LXr 8500 system.

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