Interwoven Teams with IBM for E-Commerce Solutions

Interwoven, a provider of content management software for the enterprise Web, has formed a strategic partnership with IBM. As a member of IBM’s Solution Developer Program, Interwoven will work closely with IBM to deliver solutions for e-business. The first collaborative effort will be integrating IBM Net.Commerce with Interwoven TeamSite to provide a complete Web content management solution for catalog-based e-commerce Web sites.Interwoven TeamSite is designed specifically for enterprise-scale management of Web content, enabling the development, maintenance and evolution of very large Web sites. TeamSite allows both technical and non-technical contributors to become an active, integral part of the Web development and publishing process. TeamSite enables concurrent development by hundreds or thousands of contributors working with tens of thousands of Web files requiring rapid development and publishing.IBM Net.Commerce is an IBM e-business solution that helps businesses of all sizes establish effective e-commerce sites. Together, TeamSite and IBM Net.Commerce form a powerful package for e-business, and extend IBM’s portfolio of e-business solutions. Interwoven TeamSite helps companies manage their Web content and catalog with IBM Net.Commerce’s digital storefront, allowing businesses to efficiently build, maintain and evolve their Web commerce sites. Combined with IBM tools such as WebSphere Studio or VisualAge for Java, TeamSite and IBM Net.Commerce enable customers to maximize their Web investment through improved Web site design and management."With TeamSite, companies can efficiently build and manage the entire eCommerce catalog production process," said Jeffrey Engelmann, Vice President of Business Development at Interwoven. "Interwoven is committed to working with IBM to provide a complete Internet solution for e-business customers. We look forward to working with IBM to provide the development platform of choice for IBM Net.Commerce and other IBM e-business applications."For more information on Interwoven and its software solutions, visit, or e-mail

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