CD Group Integrates ERP With e-Commerce

As CD Group Inc. finalizes plans to unroll its e-Integrator for J.D. Edwards solution in late August, the Atlanta-based consulting firm has announced that IBM will support distribution of the product through both direct sales and its business partner channel.

The agreement is expected to benefit all three companies involved--IBM, CD Group and J.D. Edwards--by providing AS/400 end users with a way of linking together IBM's Net.Commerce solution with J.D. Edwards enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.

Built to run atop IBM's MQSeries messaging infrastructure, e-Integrator is designed to allow J.D. Edwards customers to e-commerce enable their ERP environments by processing transactions to and from Net.Commerce Pro, which has its own MQSeries connection.

MQSeries transfers the data from Net.Commerce to the AS/400, where e-Integrator takes the data, maps it and puts it into a J.D. Edwards format, according to Dave Huseonica, executive director of CD Group, who adds that the e-Integrator interface works in both directions. In addition to taking orders, for example, from the e-commerce front-end, e-Integrator can also be used to pull data--such as order status, inventory, etc.--from the J.D. Edwards ERP system and deliver that information to the Net.Commerce user.

Huseonica says CD Group does not have plans to port its e-Integrator to other ERP packages. "As a company that primarily develops solutions for J.D. Edwards implementations, CD Group plans to continue enhancing e-Integrator to carry additional information back and forth between the commerce side and J.D. Edwards software, as well as potentially finding other ways to use the same interface to integrate other products into J.D. Edwards solutions," he says.

"The future of e-Integrator is enhanced functionality for commerce processing as well as looking at options for using it as a standard means for interfacing other products that may need to integrate into [J.D.] Edwards," Huseonica says.

--L. Greenemeier

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