QMSoft and DCMG Form Online Alliance

Qualitative Marketing Software Inc. (QMSoft) and Direct Contact Marketing Group Inc. (DCMG) announced today the formation of a new Internet marketing alliance. Through this alliance, DCMG is now offering smaller direct marketers a direct link from its ListsNOW.com Web site to QMSoft’s Centrus Online data quality, data enhancement and data delivery site.With this link to Centrus Online in place, direct marketers and direct sellers can point their Web browsers to http://listsnow.com, and download custom lists with instant counts, demographic information and household-level data, as well as append phone numbers. In addition, they can perform address standardization with CASS report, address-level geocoding, spatial analysis, change of address processing and reverse telephone append.The online marketing alliance also gives ListsNOW.com customers immediate access over the Web to the broad collection of high-performance data hygiene, data enhancement and data prospecting services that are uniquely available from QMSoft via the Centrus Online site. "On a technical capabilities level, Centrus Online is stunning," said Gil Terriberry, President of DCMG. "The pricing is more than competitive, the depth of list selection is unmatched online, and the Centrus Online site offers a suite of additional list hygiene and data appending tools that I’ve never seen outside of a brick-and-mortar full-service direct-marketing computer service bureau. Centrus Online offers a truly sophisticated and powerful set of list data tools. And best of all, they’re all available on an online basis.""We’ve only just begun," said Paul Wray, President and co-founder of QMSoft. "Our development team is constantly working to upgrade our online data quality, enhancement and delivery site to match and surpass user expectations, offering more ease-of-use, timely data refresh and billing features. It’s all an effort to provide the most comprehensive data tools necessary online for the small-business community to fully complete targeted direct mail campaigns and phone prospecting."While smaller marketers, such as a local banks, home improvements contractors and real estate brokers, are quite knowledgeable with respect to prospecting by mail and phone, they haven’t had reasonably priced access to the list and data appending tools that make large direct marketers so efficient. List ordering minimums, data processing set up charges and other production minimums have all resulted in a barrier that was just too high to cross for all but the larger direct marketers. With this new online marketing alliance, however, now any marketer can upload a raw customer name and address file and get back data that has been cleaned and appended according to their specific requirements.Cost-effective, stringently secure and easy-to-use, QMSoft’s Centrus Online provides both large and small organizations with access to comprehensive data quality, enhancement and spatial analysis technology on a real-time basis via the Internet. It effectively serves as a gateway to a broad selection of QMSoft’s critically acclaimed data enhancement and data quality technology. Centrus Online uniquely provides marketers with entry to National Household databases in the hundreds of thousands of records or less range, with access to the same data stores traditionally reserved for much larger files. With Centrus Online, users can therefore clean, acquire and append customer and prospect data and phone numbers quickly and accurately. DCMG’s ListsNOW.com site also has information resources and a growing number of links to a variety of products and services for direct marketers. The company’s offerings specifically include downloadable targeted business and consumer lists, opt-in e-mail services, mail management and contact management software providers, copywriting, design, printing, mailing and telemarketing services.For more information, contact QMSoft at (800) 782-7988, or visit www.qmsoft.com; or contact Direct Contact Marketing Group at (505) 285-4160, or visit www.listsnow.com.

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