A New Name For An Old-line Business

AGILENT Technologies.

It's a name that the test and measurement half of HP (some might argue its better half) with 43,000 employees in more than 40 countriesare are practicing starting today.

HP revealed the name of its new, diversified technology company at a historic brand-identity launch, attended by several hundred employees and broadcast to others throughout the world.

Derived from the word "agile," which means nimble and well-coordinated, mentally quick and resourceful, reflects the company's focus on providing breakthrough products and services with agility, speed and commitment to its customers.

The naming process followed interviews and research conducted among the company's scientists, engineers and managers, as well as consultations with experts in Agilent's key businesses. Landor Associates of San Francisco was retained to help develop and design Agilent's corporate identity and logo.

Agilent, headquartered in Palo, Alto, California, is being formed from the following HP business units:

  1. Automated Test Group
  2. Communications Solutions Group
  3. Electronic Products and Solutions Group
  4. Chemical Analysis Group
  5. Healthcare Solutions Group
  6. Semiconductor Products Group

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