Alliance Promises Continued Integration Between Aldon and Lawson

Lawson Software (Minneapolis) and Aldon Computer Group (Oakland, Calif.) have taken their working relationship a step further with the announcement of a product alliance further integrating Aldon's Workbench software change management solution (CMS) with Lawson's INSIGHT business management system.

As part of the alliance, Lawson has named Aldon a Global Alliance Integrated Network (GAIN) Complementary Partner Solutions (CPS) partner. The is expected to provide pre-integrated technology and pre-qualified support for both companies' clients.

Aldon/CMS integration with Lawson software allows users to have a "single methodology for maintaining all their changes to Lawson applications," as well as to any additional customized applications, according to Charles Bennett, director of international sales and strategic alliances for Aldon. When enterprise applications--such as Lawson's INSIGHT--are customized by a company's in-house development staff, Workbench allows these programmers to keep the enterprise applications "vanilla" while modifications are made. This way, when new releases of these enterprise applications are issued, programmers have an easier time upgrading because they know what changes they have made.

"Lawson customers will have the ability to use INSIGHT and Aldon/CMS to automate and control their entire maintenance and development process," Bennett says, adding that the alliance will manifest itself in the form of certain elements included in Workbench 6.2--due during the fourth quarter of this year--that further integrate Aldon and Lawson technology together.

Aldon's Workbench suite of tools features Aldon/CMS, a change management system designed to free programmers from the repetitive, clerical tasks like change documentation, data file conversions, object copying and creation, etc. The Lawson INSIGHT II Business Management System is comprised of six fully-integrated process suites that support and facilitate the cross-functional execution of business processes: Lawson INSIGHT II Human Resources, Financials, Procurement, Supply Chain, Collaborative Commerce and Enterprise Budgeting.

--L. Greenemeier

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