IBM Offers Trade-In Promotion for Certain 170, 7xx Models

In an effort to encourage the general IT market to experience the latest AS/400 technology, IBM announced it is offering credit toward eligible AS/400 9406 Model 170 or 7xx replacement machines for HP, DEC, Unisys, Compaq, Sun or Tandem users willing to trade in their systems.

Trade-in credits earned under IBM's promotion depend upon the machine model being purchased as well as the model being traded. The customer's order must be placed on or before December 23 of this year, and the date of installation must occur on or after August 10, 1999, but no later than January 17, 2000.

Whether or not trade-in devices are eligible for credit toward the Model 170, a 7xx model, or both, is determined by IBM. Some systems included in the promotion include:

* Several members of Hewlett-Packard's 3000 and 9000 series of machines, as well as the DN10000.

* Unisys "A" models, B7900, several System/80 models, MICRO A, V3XX, V4XX, V5XX, 1100/XX, 2200/XX, U5000/XX, U6000/XX, U7000/XX and XE5XX.

* DEC/Compaq AlphaServer, AXP, VAX, Proliant and AlphaStation models, as well as FT3000, DECSTATION-5000, DECSYS, MICROVAX, PDP11 and ProSignia 7XX.

* Sun Microsystems' UE models, as well as the UltraSparc 250 and 450.

* Tandem Systems Himilaya and Integrity Non-Stop Unix.

Contact IBM at (800) 426-2255, reference AE001, for additional information.

--L. Greenemeier

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