HOB Focuses on Security in Web-to-Host Market

Looking to distinguish itself from its Web-to-host connectivity competitors, HOB GmbH & Co. announces the release of HOBLink J-Term Version 2.2. A Java-based terminal emulation software that offers 5250, 3270 and VT525 connectivity to a variety of platforms, HOBLink J-Term provides secure, multi-platform, remote data access to AS/400, mainframe, Unix and DEC computers via the Internet, extranet or intranet.

HOB, a German-based developer with U.S. offices in Dallas and Minneapolis, places an emphasis on security--a very important issue for companies with mission-critical information--in the latest release of HOBLink J-Term. Version 2.2 gives network administrators a method of securing data with minimal administrative effort using password authentication. Additional security is available by combining 2.2 with HOBCOM, an HOB host/server solution. Together, security is optimized with 64-bit encryption of the entire data stream between the client and the host.

"Competitive software typically offers little more than password authentication as a security measure," says Harald Schober, service support manager for HOB's U.S. operations. "HOBLink J-Term, in conjunction with HOBCOM, give users an easy, quick, secure mechanism for accessing data stored on mainframe and midrange computers without compromising systems security or creating more time-consuming tasks for administrators."

Other HOBLink J-Term features include: two-tier and three-tier architecture for use in client/host and client/gateway/host environments; support for Euro currency and Y2K readiness; printing from host programs to a local printer; and a range of tools to pre-configure settings for specific users and work groups.

HOBLink J-Term sells for $2,462 for a 10-user license. HOBCOM pricing is based on a monthly licensing fee and number of sessions purchased, with a list price of $58 per host and $58 for the first 10 sessions.

-- J. Martin

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