Kofax Complements IBM Enterprise Document Suite

Continuing to bring new features and functionality to IBM's Enterprise Document Suite (EDMSuite), Kofax Image Products (Irvine, Calif.) announces the release of Ascent Capture 3 for EDMSuite VisualInfo and Ascent Capture 3 for EDMSuite VisualInfo for AS/400. These applications complement IBM's EDMSuite, which provides networked and integrated document management that allows companies to make use of relevant information and knowledge, a key characteristic for companies developing e-businesses.

Kofax's Ascent Capture 3 for EDMSuite VisualInfo for AS/400 is designed to integrate with IBM's EDMSuite VisualInfo for AS/400, which enables the management and storage of document types such as document images, graphics, spreadsheets, text, audio and video.

"The combination of IBM EDMSuite, powered by DB2 Universal Database and Ascent Capture offers a complete solution for robust, scalable and efficient document capture," says Jim Kelly, IBM's VP of data management marketing. "The newest component, Ascent Capture 3 for EDMSuite now adds remote site document capture and expanded data extraction to EDMSuite's already strong portfolio of capabilities."

With a new DDI architecture, both Ascent Capture 3 and Ascent Capture 3 for AS/400 combine document capture, data capture and Internet-based distributed capture in a single application. Ascent Capture 3 for AS/400 also includes support for TCP/IP using IBM Client Access, support for multiple library files and server timing control.

-- J. Martin

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