Wall Combines Thin and Fat Clients in One Package

Responding to customer needs, Wall Data Inc. (Kirkland, Wash.) has bundled both thin client and fat client solutions into one package with the release of RUMBA Office 2000, Web Edition. Included in Web Edition, RUMBA Office 2000 provides the PC/fat client host access while RUMBA 2000 Web-to-host provides thin client, browser-based host access.

According to Wall Data, RUMBA Office 2000, Web edition, is designed for companies that still need fat client access but plan to move browser-based host access. "Companies wanted Web-to-host, but they said they were not ready to change yet," says David Dennis, account manager for Wall Data. "This gives them a migration path, so that when they want to change, the software is there."

RUMBA Office 2000 allows users with Windows-based PCs to work with applications residing on virtually any host system within any network environment. RUMBA 2000, Web-to-host gives businesses a host access solution that allows users to work productively with host-based information within their Web browser.

Although the two products do not work together, they can coexist on the same platform. This way, a company can program RUMBA 2000, Web Edition to provide one group of employees with PC-based client access while another group can access the host via thin clients.

"The recent consolidation of Wall Data's Web-to-host technologies returns the company focus exclusively to the host access market and provides us with a tremendous technology base for new product development," says Kevin Vitale president and CEO of Wall Data. "We are responding to our customer's needs by offering the most complete line of host access solutions. RUMBA 2000, Web edition is part of that strategy."

-- J. Martin

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