Sterling Releases VISION:Flashpoint 6.5

By Jim Martin

Sterling Software Inc. Information Management division (Woodland Hills, Calif.) has announced the release of VISION:Flashpoint 6.5, a desktop integration tool that allows developers to provide PC users with a Microsoft Windows front-end to legacy systems based on IBM enterprise servers.

VISION:Flashpoint gives users the tools to create Windows-based interfaces to connect to AS/400s or other IBM enterprise servers. In version 6.5, AS/400 customers can access host applications without having to use a third-party 5250 emulator. This new feature gives customers an easier and cost-effective way to connect and add PC clients to AS/400s.

“With this new release, VISION:Flashpoint now provides an even more cost effective, efficient and flexible tool for developers seeking to leverage the value of legacy systems by integrating them into Windows PC applications,” says Rick Jackson, president of Sterling Software’s Information Management Division.

VISION:Flashpoint 6.5 allows customer using TN3270 to add support for LAN printers in VISION:Flashpoint applications. Some of the productivity enhancements in the latest release include: single command lists default termination keys—allows flashpoint application developers to list their default set of termination keys with one command; records can be added to top of unsorted list—eliminates the need to scroll to the bottom of the list; ROUND function—now formats with trailing zeros; foreign characters are now supported in sequence editor—gives additional flexibility for international customers.

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